ShareChat Vs Instagram Latest 2023 Comparison Which has Best Features

ShareChat and Instagram are two popular social media platforms with distinct features and user bases. ShareChat is a homegrown Indian social media app primarily focused on regional content and languages. It allows users to create and share content in various Indian languages, catering to a diverse and multilingual audience.In contrast, Instagram is a global social media giant known for its visual-centric platform, primarily centered around photos and short videos. It boasts a massive user base and offers features like Stories, Reels, and IGTV. Instagram focuses on a more global and aspirational audience, emphasizing aesthetics and visual storytelling.
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In the region of social media, platforms like ShareChat and Instagram have sculpted out their unique spaces, offering different experiences to users around the world. ShareChat is an Indian-origin social media platform, and Instagram is a global extremely large area under Facebook’s umbrella, which has been competing for users’ concentration and engagement. In this article, we will discuss into a detailed comparison of ShareChat vs. Instagram, examining their features, user base, and cultural effects.

Platform Overview


ShareChat is a social media platform developed in India, primarily provided to Indian viewers. It was inaugurated in 2015 and rapidly gained popularity for its different language support, allowing users to share content in their regional languages. ShareChat has various features, comprising text posts, photos, videos, and even a short video platform called “Moj.”

ShareChat Vs Instagram


Instagram, on the other hand, is a globally eminent social media platform obtained by FaceBook in 2012. It was initially focused on sharing photos and later broadened to contain videos and Stories. When it started, there were only photos, and then its features increased and gained a lot of attention with the videos and stories. Instagram boasts a massive user base and a wide range of features like Reels, IGTV, and Shopping.

User Base


ShareChat’s primary user base is in India, making it the go-to platform for Indians looking to connect with their friends in their local languages. As of my last update in September 2021, ShareChat had over 160 million monthly active users. ShareChat is the best app for Indian people because they are connected to their regional language and share their thoughts by using this platform.


Instagram is a global phenomenon with more than one billion monthly active users worldwide. It has a different user base, attracting people from several age groups and demographics. This global access has made Instagram an effective platform for brands and influencers. Instagram connects people of different ages and they can access each other by sharing their ideas and thoughts.

ShareChat Vs Instagram

Features and Content


ShareChat is gorgeous in providing content diversity by supporting numerous Indian languages. Users can share text, photos, videos, and GIFs. One of its standout features is “Moj,” a short video platform that competitor TikTok. “Moj” Is the best platform in ShareChat in which people can make short videos like TikTok. ShareChat has successfully capitalized on the short video trend that has swept through social media in recent years.


Instagram is known for its visually appealing content. It offers a broad range of features such as the Instagram Feed, Stories, IGTV, and Reels, providing to different kinds of content creators. Its shopping integration allows users to buy products directly from posts. Instagram has a more global appeal and is broadly used for influencer marketing. You can sell and buy products by using this platform

Cultural Impact


ShareChat has played an important role in promoting local language content in India. It has enabled users from diverse linguistic backgrounds to explicit themselves online. The platform has also been a hub for political conversation, news sharing, and entertainment content, making it culturally influential within India. This platform can also be used for sharing your ideas from a political point of view and also can access the current situation of the country.

ShareChat Vs Instagram


Instagram has an influential cultural impact globally. It has shaped the way people share their lives, interests, and creative efforts through visual content. Instagram has been helpful in the rise of influencers and has influenced several industries, from fashion to travel and food.

Monetization and Business Opportunities


ShareChat has been persistently working on monetization strategies, containing advertising and sponsored content. As of my last update, it had launched the “Creator Program” to provide content creators and promote the growth of an influencer ecosystem on the platform.


Instagram offers strong monetization opportunities for creators and businesses through ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. Instagram Shopping allows businesses to sell products directly through the platform, making it a valuable tool for e-commerce. Instagram has become the best platform for business purposes.


In the ShareChat vs. Instagram combat, both platforms have their strengths and unique offerings. ShareChat provides the Indian audience with its local language support and short video platform, while Instagram enjoys global control with its diverse content formats and immense user base

In the end, the decision between ShareChat and Instagram is based on personal preferences and goals. ShareChat may be more enticing to users looking for a platform that is focused on regional languages and has a sizable Indian user base. Instagram, on the other hand, may be recommended by people seeking global access and a wide variety of content alternatives. Whatever the decision, both platforms have had a significant impact on social media, and the competition between them is fostering new technologies and improving user experiences across the web.

ShareChat Vs Instagram


Is ShareChat or Instagram safe to chat?

ShareChat uses ciphering technology to protect user data from forbidden approaches. In Instagram, an end-to-end encrypted chat protects the content of your messages and calls from the moment it leaves your device until it reaches the recipient’s device.

Is there any app like ShareChat or Instagram?

Yes, there are some other apps like ShareChat and Instagram. These are:

Casper, Joyn, Status saver

How to install ShareChat and Instagram?

You,we can install these apps on the Play Store.

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